Monkey Day 2014 Featured Primate Sanctuary: Darwin (the IKEA monkey)’s Dream

Monkey Day arrives in 14 days! In our annual effort to support and promote primate related causes, this year Monkey Day has chosen Story Book Farm and Primate Sanctuary, home of Darwin the IKEA monkey, to be the recipients of our digital love!

For those of you unfamiliar with Darwin, the IKEA monkey, here is a summary from their Kickstarter description:

On Dec 12, 2012 Darwin, a baby Japanese Macaque, was found wandering in a Toronto-area IKEA parking lot wearing a now world-famous shearling coat. The courts placed Darwin in our care after a lengthy trial involving his former owner. Darwin has since matured into a much larger, energetic and rambunctious juvenile. Our wish for him is family, friends and forest for the future!

We now have an exciting opportunity to acquire a new larger home with wide open spaces and forested enclosures for Darwin and the twenty-one other monkeys at Story Book Farm. But we need your help! Become a Darwin’s Dreamer today!

Story Book Farm currently has an Indiegogo campaign to help them raise funds for a new and larger home for their primates. We urge all Monkey Day celebrants to contribute to their campaign and make this Monkey Day their best Monkey Day Ever!