Happy Monkey Day 2015!

Happy Monkey Day 2015!  Don’t forget, Monkey Day has chosen Primates Incorporated to be the recipients of our digital love this year! We urge all Monkey Day celebrants and monkey lovers to please spend a minute and visit their website, “like” them on Facebook, and if you have the means please donate to their cause.

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Here is your annual 2015 Top Ten Monkey (and Primate) News Countdown, the most interesting news stories of 2015, to help you celebrate!

  1. Monkey Gives First Aid To Friend Shocked By Wires

    Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe as a monkey came to the rescue of an injured friend — resuscitating another monkey that had been shocked and knocked unconscious.

  2. Giant Mouse Lemur Boasts Largest Proportional Testicles Of All Primates

    Despite its diminutive stature, the giant mouse lemur has the largest pair of testicles relative to its size among primates, according to a new study.

  3. Otters Eat Rare Monkey In Freak Accident At British Zoo

    A British zoo says an endangered monkey that accidentally fell into a pond was eaten by otters.

  4. Howler monkeys with louder roars have smaller testes, potentially shedding light on men’s behavior

    A new study finds that monkeys with louder calls also have, ahem, smaller balls – and by extension, less sperm for reproduction.

  5. Women going ape over ‘handsome gorilla’

    Shabani’s zoo has been flooded with young female visitors desperate for a glimpse of the ‘buff’ primate. And 18-year-old silverback Shabani doesn’t seem to mind, playing up to his adoring audience by posing for pictures, staring pensively into the distance and showing off his muscular physique.

  6. Dangerous Bacteria Mysteriously Escapes From Louisiana Monkey Lab

    How a potentially deadly strain of bacteria escaped from a primate research lab infecting four monkeys is a mystery, government officials said, but they added the incident poses no threat to the public.

  7. Knoxville Zoo chimps confront wayward raccoon

    A raccoon had somehow gotten inside the chimpanzee enclosure, and had been “treed” by the youngest and most inquisitive member of the group, 7-year-old George. While the other chimps looked on from nearby, George grabbed a stick and was trying to poke the raccoon.

  8. Monkey Mustaches And Beards Reveal Evolution of Facial Hair

    Colorful monkeys called guenons sport moustaches, nose spots and ear tufts that make it easy to distinguish between different species of guenons. But to the average passers-by, monkeys of the same species might look strikingly similar.

  9. Chimps Given Human Rights By U.S. Court For The First Time

    On Monday, a New York judge granted two chimpanzees a writ of habeas corpus. In other words, the chimps have the right to a day in court — under a law that only applies to people.

  10. US Government Finally Banning Chimp Research

    Biomedical and invasive research on chimpanzees will no longer be supported by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH). They further decided last Wednesday that they will retire the 50 chimps reserved for future studies.