Monkey Day Artists

What do you do if you are an artist and want to celebrate Monkey Day? Spend the day drawing monkeys of course! If you were paying attention on Twitter or Instagram yesterday, you might have seen a good amount of artists exploring their primitive side. These are some of our favorite artworks made specifically to celebrate yesterday’s Monkey Day:

Drawing an idea for a special commission #wip #amycrehore #drawing #art #monkeyday #cat #thornapple #girl

A photo posted by Amy Crehore ? artist (@amycrehore) on

Happy M.O.N.K.E.Y day~♡♡♡ . *gambar asal malem2 hoo* #monkeyday #MonkeyManiacs #MyFavAnimal

A photo posted by Atika Rahma Putri (@atika_arapu) on

Happy international monkey day by TheHyperBlade1000 on DeviantArt

And last but not least, our own Eric Millikin:

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