Monkey Day 2016 Featured Primate Sanctuary: Primarily Primates

Monkey Day is only 2 weeks away! And, in our annual effort to support and promote primate related causes, this year Monkey Day has chosen Primarily Primates sanctuary to be the recipients of our digital love!

Primarily Primates Incorporated, is a non-profit sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas that operates to house, protect, and rehabilitate various non-native animals. The private refuge currently houses 400 nonhuman animals, 43 chimpanzees and birds and, as the name implies, focuses primarily on caring for apes and monkeys. Many are cast-offs from the pet trade and biomedical research institutions.

Primarily Primates

If you have the means, please take a moment to support their cause by donating to the sanctuary in the name of Monkey Day!  Please also stop by their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.