Monkey Eve Web Roundup

Happy Monkey Eve! Here is a quick roundup of this year’s Monkey Day celebrants so far:

In honor of Monkey Day, releases an exclusive Night at the Museum featurette with Crystal the monkey!

Join Angie for an hour of monkey songs on the Cat Beast party on Sunday from noon until 2pm CT to celebrate Monkey Day on

Greenpeace International celebrates with this photo essay.

The National Aquarium celebrates Monkey Day, go visit their lion tamarins!

The Free Press reminisces about Monkey Day’s past.

Free Crochet Patterns for Monkey Day

Free Crochet Patterns for Monkey Day

Red Heart Yarns is giving out free monkey patterns to help you celebrate Monkey Day responsibly, crocheting monkeys.  Free crochet monkey patterns found at and Kleiner Kalender educate our German friends about the joys of Monkey Day.

Kids Saving the Rainforest celebrates Monkey Day! Join them in Costa Rica for a sanctuary tour this weekend!

DCist and Washington Psychotronic Film Society want you to celebrate Monkey Day with Lady Iron Monkey!

The Estonians know how to do Monkey Day properly. If you are out and about near the Tallinna Loomaaed / Tallinn Zoological Gardens, stop by for the festive chimp lunch

Seattle’s PhinneyWood neighborhood for bucking the traditional December decorative themes and embracing Monkey Day with monkey decorations!

If you are in Birmingham this Monkey Day, make sure you stop by The Yardbird Jazz Club as they kick out some Monkey Day jams!

We are not exactly sure what Monkey Day Enrichment at the Hattiesburg Zoo entails, but if you are nearby I certainly would’nt miss out on the 3pm DeBrazza enrichment!

And don’t forget, Monkey Day has chosen Story Book Farms to be the recipients of our digital love this year! We urge all Monkey Day celebrants and monkey lovers to please spend a minute and visit their website, “like” them on Facebook, if you have the means please donate to their IndieGoGo campaign:

What do you have planned? Did we miss your event? Contact us and tell us about it!

Happy Monkey Eve!!!